The Wicked Witch and Other Accomplices (Poems)


The Wicked Witch and Other Accomplices (Poems) by Kemi Atanda ILORI

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The Wicked Witch and Other Accomplices evinces Ilori’s craft in braiding assorted and compound motifs of universal existential crises into scalable and relatable personal events. The corruption and injustices of thwarted democracies, particularly, in sub-Saharan Africa commingle with the sadness and celebration in poems dedicated to George Floyd, Matthew Shepard, Tejumola Olaniyan, Jamal Khashoggi and John Pepper Clark. Echoes of Black Lives Matter are sonorous in-between the tender lyricism of several love poems announcing Ilori’s self-recovery following a traumatic divorce. Ilori’s witticism, intertextuality and orality sparkle in this volume, especially, in those poems sourced in Greek mythology, William Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, Alexander Pope, Horace, Robert Herrick and William Cowper.


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