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Living Hope Church runs a School of Bible & Ministry to train and equip staff for ministerial and pastoral roles in the church. The full curriculum covers a three-year programme in church history, biblical theology, systematic theology, reformed theology, ministerial and pastoral skills and responsibilities, missions and evangelism.

The principal of the School is Pastor Dr Kemi Atanda Ilori, the General Overseer of Living Hope Church.

Mode of Delivery – Blended Learning

We operate a blended learning approach, involving: (a) virtual training online via the website of Living Hope Church, the candidate’s mobile device with Apps such as Zoom, Free Conference Call and WhatsApp (b) in-person training via physical attendance at an approved learning centre with an approved instructor/lecturer, and (c) self-learning, requiring the candidate to study on their own and confirm in writing that they have done so.

The duration of training will be discussed and agreed with candidates. They will be advised of any course fees where applicable or waived. Candidates must submit on time any assignments required. Candidates will not graduate or be ordained unless the School is satisfied they qualify.

The Right Blend

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You can apply for a place on our ministerial and pastoral training and other programmes by filling in our online form below.

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