The Theatre of J.P. Clark


The Theatre of J.P. Clark by Kemi Atanda ILORI

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The Theatre of J.P. Clark is a critical commentary on the writings of Clark-Bekederemo, including an in-depth study of his trilogy, The Bikoroa Plays.  Ilori shifts our attention from the well-drilled specifics of J.P. Clark’s supposed indebtedness to the tragic constructs associated with classical Greek tragedies to Clark’s particularism in employing myth-making and storytelling devices to stage the human predicament of communities and citizens resilient but helpless in the teeth of colonialism and the injustices of a state effectively bankrupting its own citizenry. Ilori argues that Clark’s activism on behalf of the marginalised and the disenfranchised is an art-form that turns the stage into a place for colloquy and colourful symbolism, and Clark’s social vision in these plays is of an author for whom radical alternatives cannot be revolutionary collapse of society.


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