Enjoying God’s Promises: A Theology of Sovereignty


Enjoying God’s Promises: A Theology of Sovereignty by Kemi Atanda ILORI

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Enjoying God’s Promises A Theology of Sovereignty is an in-depth study of how God’s sovereignty always prevails in the outcome of His promises. It confronts the obvious and perennial problem that we face when particular promises seemingly fail despite our faith and obedience. Most people think it is their fault when this happens. But could there be a different set of reasons, all positively having to do with God rather than us? Ilori argues that we cannot enjoy the promises of God unless we buy completely into His deal – God’s unimpeachable and completely exclusive sovereignty. The book provides piercing insights into why God’s promises never rust; matters of faith and magical thinking; the dynamics of obedience, and how to cling to God’s promises in times of adversity.


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