Living Hope Church United Kingdom started in Leeds on 8 November 1998. It became the headquarters of Living Hope Church, Kemi Ilori Ministries with branches in (Ile-Ife) Nigeria. Additional branches were later established in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our London branch is currently closed.

As a result of a root and branch review of our mission and vision in 2019, as the international headquarters, we are focused mainly on developing the international scope of our church. 

Currently, the Leeds branch is waiting for the appointment of a Leeds Mission Team for our church. We expect that to be within the first quarter of 2022 by the grace of God. We are working patiently towards that and putting all the resources in place to make Leeds our headquarters for Living Hope Church in the North of England. We will eventually move our international headquarters to Florida, in the US hopefully by the second quarter of 2022.

In the Leeds headquarters, the General Overseer is assisted by Minister Kieran Mitchell, Minister Patricia Edobor Ben-Brume and Minister Chris Okoli.